Our facility is open to its members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless otherwise noted.

Ontario’s Only 70 meter indoor range and is great for archers looking to advance their skills in long distance shooting.

NATIONAL TEAM Training center.

We have several fixed butts at 70 meters, movable Target Butts,  and 3D targets for arbitrary distances.

107 Nuggett Court, Brampton, ON L6T 5A9  


   1. The shooting line must be called "CLEAR" before shooting can begin. 
 The last shooter on the line shall call "CLEAR" when they have completed shooting. 
   2. No one shall approach the targets until all shooting has been completed and the range has been 
declared "CLEAR" .
The last person to return from retrieving arrows shall confirm that there is nobody down range and 
call the line "CLEAR"  to commence shooting.
   3. When you are done shooting step back from the shooting line to the yellow waiting line to indicate 
that you have completed shooting.
   4. No Archer may draw a bow with or without an arrow, except when standing on the shooting line
  and the line is clear for shooting.
    5. Non-shooters must stay behind the  (yellow)  spectator line when there are people  shooting on the
shooting line, Club approved Instructors and Coaches are exempt. The Parent or legal guardian  supervising 
their children and a Peel Archery member when supervising their guest is also exempt.
   6. No Archer may draw back the string of a bow using any technique which if  released could allow an
 arrow to hit the ceiling, the walls, or the floor.
    7. If you drop an arrow and you cannot reach it,  do not step beyond the shooting line to retrieve that 
arrow until the range is called "CLEAR".
   8. No broad head arrows are to be shot at any club targets. Shooters must supply their  own target butt
when using broad head arrows.  When shooting broad head arrows at their own target butt,  please do
it during low member attendance (4 shooters or less). 
   9. Recurve, compound or crossbows that shoot arrows or bolts exceeding a measured speed of 405 
feet per second are not allowed on the archery range. 

                 Archery Range Etiquette 
1.   Pay attention and cooperate with club officials carrying out their duties.
2.    Music volume and genre should be kept to a level agreeable to all who are present.
3.    Keep talking on the shooting line to a minimum to avoid distracting other shooters.
4.      Do not comment on someone else’s shooting during an end.
5.     Have an encouraging remark to pass, rather than a sarcastic one.
6.    Do not make unkind remarks about your own shooting as this may upset or  distract someone.
7.   Attend meetings and air your views there, do not gripe on the range and upset others.
8.   All members have the responsibility to keep the archery range and office areas clean.
 Please pick up all papers/used targets, etc., and place them in the garbage/recycling bins. 
9.   If you lose an arrow point in the butt, do not attempt to retrieve it.
10.   Never touch equipment belonging to someone else without his or her prior consent. Unless the owner cannot be located and it is presenting a hazard.
11.    Step back from the shooting line to give the other archers a chance to complete their ends.
12. Respect the other arrows in the target while removing your own arrows.
13. Leave the other archers’ arrows in the target unless asked to remove them.
14. Make yourself available for some duties, such as cleaning the range, maintenance of
 target butts, etc.
15. Archers should be mindful and respectful to shoot no more than the amount of arrows that
 does not affect (or hold up) the shooting line. 
                              Club  Rules    
1.    It is the Club members’ responsibility to ensure that they and their guests have signed the 
       Club Sign in Book and that their guests wear the Guest Badge while at the club. 
2.    Members and guests must abide by the rules and regulations posted by the Peel County 
       Game and Fish   Protective Association, the Archery Club and the Air Gun Club.
3.    Members and guests are to assume responsibility for their own equipment; the club is not
       responsible for lost,  stolen, broken or damaged equipment. 
4.    All minors must be supervised by their parents or legal guardians who are members
       themselves  and are approved in the discipline.
5.    All vehicles which interfere with safe range use are prohibited (e.g. skateboards scooters, 
       rollerblades, inline skates, bikes, etc.), with the exception of service vehicles.
6.    No unattended personal articles  including vehicles, motorcycles and trailers are to be left at 
       the Peel County Game and Fish Protective Association building or on its property. 
     7.    No pets allowed on the premises  - with the exception of service animals.  
8 .    No alcohol to be consumed on the premises and anyone under the influence of alcohol or 
        drugs will be refused  permission to shoot and asked to leave the property.

Please Note:   Premises under 24 hour Security Camera Surveillance!!