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​​Experienced Archers


  • Have your own equipment
  • Thorough experience with your bow
  • Valid police reference check


  • You will be required to meet with an evaluator on three separate visits.
  • Each visit costs $10.00 (please bring fee to each visit), and is designated to ensure that you handle your equipment well, follow range rules, and exercise the proper safety techniques. ​
  • On the last visit, you will be required to provide the police reference check, or PAL. This enables us to have your key fob prepared and ready for you. Providing 24/7 access to club.


          FAMILY: $500 full year membership (Jan - Dec 2019)

          SINGLE: $350 full year membership (Jan - Dec 2019)

Please pay your membership fee before you arrive for your third visit. Payment can be made by PayPal (includes credit card), cheque, or money order.

To schedule your first evaluation, or get answers to any questions you might have, please email or call 905-791-6999.

New to archery? 

We highly recommend enrolling in lessons.

Please click on Lessons for more details.

New Membership Process

1.  Arrange for your evaluations.

2.  Pick up a New Membership form and Mandatory Range Check form from outside the club office; or New Archery Membership forms here

3.  Complete your Mandatory Range Check form with your evaluator;

4.  Prepare a cheque, or pay by PayPal (see Members Only page);

5.  Bring your New Membership form and Mandatory Range Check form (both completed) along with a copy of your PAL or police reference check, and along with your cheque or PayPal receipt TO the club office.  If the club office is not open, you may leave this paperwork in an envelope in the green box.

6.  Pick up a copy of your membership details and your key FOB for entering the club from the club office.  Keep your membership details (Membership number and FOB number) in a safe place as you will need these details to renewal your membership each year.

Our facility is open to its members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless otherwise noted.

Membership at Peel